Cell City Project

Welcome Back!



  • Board Work ~
    1. Look at your rubrics.
    2. Make two (2) DETAILED to-do lists:
      • For your group
      • For your individual job
  • Cell City Project ~ Presentations start Wednesday January 9th!  (BTW this is your late Christmas present because they were supposed to start tomorrow).  Remember for your model you need to:
    • Label your structures and organelles
    • Match your map

Remember that for your individual Careers you need to do the following:

    • Cell City Map (4th job, if you have 4 or EVERYONE’s responsibility if you have 3)
      • Label all of the cells organelles and corresponding city structures
      • Graded on NEATNESS as well as ACCURACY!
      • Final draft on large white paper (provided in class)
    • Travel Agent (Brochure)
      • On unlined paper
      • Include your Cell City name, illustrations of the attractions
      • Describe FOUR of the attractions in your city.  These attractions should be the organelles
      • Present highlights to the class
    • Newspaper Journalist:
      • 4 TYPED articles
      • 4 Stories one from each type below
        • Editorial
        • Classified Ad
        • Human Interest
        • Entertainment
      • Describe the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION of 4 organelles (1 per article)
      • Present ONE article to read to the class
    • Musician/Poet
      • Type your poem or lyrics
      • Describe the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION of 4 organelles
      • Present your song or poem to the class

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